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Massage and Body Services

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Relaxation and Body Services

Fully unwind as you enjoy a treatment from our highly experienced team of Spa Therapists.

Personalized Massage 30 mins: $59 / 60 mins: $109 / 90 mins: $159

Customized to your specific needs.  Our therapists will conduct a brief consultation at the beginning of your appointment and will tailor the treatment according to your needs and massage preference.

Our team consists of a range of Therapists including BC RMT's, NHPC, as well as certified Spa Therapists.  If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, please make sure to advise the Coordinator at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Couple’s Massage 60 mins: $210 / 90 mins: $310

Side by side in our private fireplace treatment room.

Sports Massage 30 mins: $59 / 60 mins: $109 / 90 mins: $159

This customized massage, while improving range of motion and recuperation, will help before or after intense physical effort. Appointments are subject to availability.

Baby on Board 30 mins: $59 / 60 mins: $109

Specialized positioning and techniques will ensure maximum comfort for the mother to be.  This massage is performed in times of 30 or 60 minutes to prevent overstimulation of the body.  Please be aware that we are only able to perform massage on clients who are 14 weeks or over in their pregnancy.

Reflexology 60 mins: $80

Applied pressure to the reflex points in your foot and lower leg, bringing the body into balance, promoting relaxation and to aid in overall wellness.  This holistic therapy dates back 5000 years.

BC Registered Massage 30 mins: $59 / 60 mins: $109 / 90 mins: $159

A therapeutic massage performed by our BC Registered Massage Therapist.  A short assessment is administered at the start of each treatment.  Appointments are subject to limited availability.

*All relaxation and body services are performed by our qualified and experienced Spa Therapists. 


Detox and Unwind

Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes: $179

Relieve tension, stress and promote full relaxation with this 90 minute service made for the body and mind.  Warm smooth stones are strategically placed on areas of the body, in conjunction with relaxation massage techniques.

Body Glow  60 minutes: $125

Exfoliate and detoxify your skin from head to toe, to create full body softening of the skin.  Choose from two of our premium scrubs – salt to draw toxins out of your skin, or sugar to remove dead skin cells for those with more sensitive skin.  This full body experience includes a 30 minute relaxation massage.


Enhance your Experience

Myofascial Cupping 15 minutes: $35

Incorporate this ancient technique into your massage experience to further loosen muscles and encourage blood flow.  Small cups are applied to the skin, relieving you of pain and helping to create a deep sense of relaxation.  This is a great addition to any massage or body service.  Please book your appointment in with Sally to add this service to your treatment.

Argan Oil Scalp Treatment 15 minutes: $35

The ultimate scalp massage, with the addition of a warm oil to relax your head and nourish your hair

Invigorating Foot Scrub 15 minutes: $35

Foot and lower leg exfoliation, completed with a relaxation massage.

Back Exfoliation 15 minutes: $35

This treatment includes a softening exfoliation and a relaxing finishing lotion application on the back.