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Makeup – An Expression of Self

Makeup - An Expression of Self Written by Laurel Beatty  (Esthetician & Make-up Artist at Spa 901) Makeup is often misperceived as a means to cover one’s imperfections. To some people it is a mask; a sheer or bold cover that hides an individual’s true, natural beauty.  Being a makeup artist who loves to get dolled up but who is equally confident flaunting a bare face, I am here to tell you that makeup is not about hiding behind a mask, but a true form of self-expression! As young as twelve, I was experimenting with makeup. I had every color of…

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Touch, it’s a powerful thing!

Touch is fundamental to human communication, bonding, and health.  The warmth of hand hold, the sensation of a kiss on the cheek, a soft pat on the back and even a slight caress of the arm - these are everyday, incidental gestures that can have a powerful impact on our quality of life.  These little touches make us feel happy, they comfort and they can also promote healing.   As a spa therapist my sensitivity to care for others is forever growing and my ability to be compassionate continually deepens. Because touch has reciprocal benefits, my own stress is eased…

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Love yourself this Fall.

With the summer behind and healthy habits on our mind! To control yourself this fall, we’ve put together some strategies that will enhance you immune system, boost your mood and restore your health. Tis the season . . . of colds, flus and nasty germs. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to keep you safe from all the viruses floating around this time of year. Instead, it’s up to you to properly prepare your body to ward off those unwelcome intruders. Sweat it out. You don’t have to be a Marathon runner or a CrossFit athlete to get the positive…

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Wedding Nail Trends

It is your big day, and all attention is on you!  You have your dress picked out, make-up artist and hair stylist booked, but have you thought about your nails and how this fits into your overall look?  Following the latest bridal trends in 2015, here are our suggestions for the best nails for fall 2015 & 2016 brides. The first thing that you should consider when choosing your nail color is how you will be matching it to your makeup, gown & bouquet.  When deciding on your overall look for the big day, consider the rule of three –…

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Massage Regulations in British Columbia

What is the difference between registered and non registered therapists?  Each and every day we receive numerous questions from clients about massage regulations in BC, most unaware that such regulations even exist.  British Columbia is one of four provinces with the highest standards of massage therapy in Canada - a recognized health profession.  Since regulations vary greatly from province to province, we have noticed a large misconception of the rules of massage therapy, and why all therapists are unable to issue receipts for insurance purposes.    As a spa who employs a wide range of massage and spa therapists, we feel it is important to give our…

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Summer Skincare Tips

A perfect and tan and healthy glowing skin - the look that most people strive for in the wonderful summer months. With flip flop season at it's peak, it is important to make sure you are keeping your skin healthy and protected from the increased elements of sun, heat and salt water. Here are our top tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing! #1) Protect, Protect, Protect. A point that we can not stress enough!  For most people, sun damage begins in their late-teens to early 20's, while the effects, such as brown spots, wrinkles and saggy skin may not begin to…

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