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Body Oil or Body Butter?

Body oil vs. body butter – what is the difference and which one is best for my skin?

Body Oil: If your skin is dehydrated (dry due to lack of moisture within) oils can be a great solution with multiple benefits! A good quality, natural body oil resembles the oil that your skin naturally produces, therefore lubricates and maintains your skin’s moisture barrier by posing little to no risk of clogging your pores. Certain oils have healing benefits reducing common skin concerns such as the appearance of stretch marks, scars and even cellulite.  Keep a look out for non-comedogenic options.

Body Butter: This is a great solution if your skin is in need of immediate repair from superficially dry, damaged or chapped skin. Leaving your skin luxuriously smooth, butters contain rich ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil which aid in deeper conditioning and intense moisture repair for dry skin. A good tip is to apply directly after a warm shower, while your skin is still a bit damp with open pores so you can soak up the organic, buttery goodness.

When it comes to identifying your skin care goals, you’ll also want to take into consideration your climate, the product ingredient list, plus what you prefer in texture, absorbency and of course the aroma.

At Spa 901 we carry [comfort zone] body oil and body butter, which is of high quality and bio-certified organic – we love this product line!   For full information, visit our products page.

Have fun exploring!

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