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Your highly trained skin therapist will tailor your treatment to your individual needs.  Incorporating superior quality products, techniques and advanced technology, let us guide you to your healthiest looking skin.  To help prolong your results, all facials include product recommendations.  

Access to the outdoor hot pool and amenities is included in the cost of all facials during the spa’s business hours.   Please bring your bathing suit and leave yourself sufficient time if you would like to use these relaxing amenities.

Sacred Nature Facial

50 minutes | $95

A hydrating and deep cleansing facial that nourishes skin the natural way!  Organic and pregnancy safe, this facial uses the [comfort zone] skincare line, which is bio-certified organic.

(Our sacred nature facial is not customizable and does not include extractions. To address specific skin concerns, please book in a Guinot or Dermalogica facial)

Dermalogica ProSkin 60

60 minutes | $135

A comprehensive treatment with an innovative approach, personalized for our clients at every step!  Each treatment will begin with a double cleanse and face mapping session, so the skin therapist can see the areas of your skin that require attention.  Next, a selection of advanced products, techniques and / or technology will be applied to best benefit and address your main skin concerns. This treatment is completed by layering a series of products, that will have you leaving with a healthy glow!

(This facial may include the incorporation of equipment use, however your skin therapist will tailor to your unique needs, meaning treatments will differ every time) 

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel

60 minutes | $135

Dermalogica’s all-new professional grade chemical peel.  It includes a suite of peel products that can be layered, allowing us to address a vast range of skin concerns from early signs of aging, to uneven skin tone and breakouts.  This treatment has minimal downtime.  Please click here for full information and for a list of contraindications, to see if this treatment is best suited for you.

(This is a powerful treatment, that may not be suitable for all. If a contraindication is apparent at the time of appointment, your skin therapist will alter the treatment to a more suitable facial service)

Guinot Hydraclean

30 minutes | $60

A quick and effective deep clean!  Using customized products throughout the treatment,  your skin will achieve a deep clean and radiant glow.  Regulated heat from the patented Thermoclean Electrode triggers hyper-secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands to clean the pores and rid the skin of oil and toxins.  Individually chosen gels will be massaged into the skin to deeply penetrate.

Guinot Age Logic Facial

60 minutes | $135

Exclusive and unique treatment that incorporates the use of mild galvanic current and high frequency to increase oxygenation and penetration of specifically chosen gels and serums, aiming to correct from the inside, out.  This facial aims to correct and address your needs by combining high quality products with proven skin technology.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and mild galvanic stimulation.

Guinot Lift Facial

60 minutes | $130

A workout for your face! Combining the use of lymphatic drainage and gentle micro-current, this facial aims to eliminate toxins, improve skin tone, and contour the face by stimulating the facial muscles. Focused on the face, eye, neck and decollate areas, this deluxe treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, muscle stimulation, mask and massage.

Enhance your Facial

15 minutes | $30 per add-on

To ensure maximum enjoyment, add-on services can only be booked in addition to a facial service and cannot be booked as a sole treatment.

Eye Revive Treatment

Cold stone therapy and massage techniques are used around the eye area to reduce puffiness and decrease the appearance of dark circles.

Argan Oil Scalp Treatment

A scalp massage with the addition of warm oil to relax your head, relieve tension and nourish your hair.

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